Marinela Hotel with a huge gesture charity – helps the families of first line doctors, who died of Covid-19

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Marinela Hotel launches a large-scale charity event to help families of first line medics, who lost their lives in the fight against Covid-19

Due to the complicated situation caused by Covid-19, the Marinela Hotel in Sofia is expanding its charity activities. The company actively supported the „Thank you for being there“ campaign and started preparing a hot lunch for the first line medics in December. For the Christmas holidays, the hotel decided to make a gesture to those who suffered the heaviest loss in the fight against covid.

„For us, the self-sacrifice that these people make and the risk they take to heal and save us every day is really inspiring and inspires a lot of respect. This is the idea of our gesture – we want a hundred families to know that seven days in the summer will be expected and welcomed by us. It is important to show that self-sacrifice is not forgotten and we appreciate the efforts of our medics. The tourism industry has also suffered huge losses as never before, but the solution for us is in empathy and unity” said the team.

The campaign will be carried out jointly with the „Thank you for being there“ initiative and both teams will try to bring back the smiles of the faces of these families who have experienced these heavy losses.


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