„Buzzfeed“: The Green WWF funds murderers and rapists

Murders, rapes and beatings have been carried out by members of paramilitary forces that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has paid to protect protected areas in Asia and Africa. Evidence ... Прочетете още →

The PP “Green” was convicted of stealing a party name

PP “Green Party” gave a press conference in connection with a Sofia City Court decision Party spokesman Valentin Simov said: „The court has made a final decision and it was ... Прочетете още →

Is there a political umbrella over the „green“ suckers of EU money?

Vultures are hardly aware that environmentalists use them to make money The Ministry of Environment and Water announced for „Trud“ that almost BGN 210 million of EU funds ... Прочетете още →

The court cut off environmentalists contesting the construction of a forest park next to the Rowing Base in Plovdiv

The Administrative Court dismissed the appeal of the ecological activist Vasil Kudrinov against the project of Plovdiv Municipality for the construction of a 660 daa forest park near ... Прочетете още →

The green octopus has again crept its poisonous tentacles

According to the ubiquitous Toma Belev, half of Bulgarians steal wood “Over 2 million cubic metres of timber are illegally cut each year in Bulgaria” – hysterically announced ... Прочетете още →

This is how the Green party of grant-takers turned into a bog the Coral beach

The coastline is full of “eco” junk The economist Vladimir Karolev showed the awkward truth from the Coral beach. He posted a video on his Facebook profile, showing disorders at ... Прочетете още →