Valery Simeonov Launched an All-Out Attack Against the Masters of Broadcast

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Dimitur Vurbanov was granted the Golden Skunk Prize of Dishonour, as suggested by
Slavi Trifonov

The Deputy PM Valery Simeonov launched an attack against the Masters of Broadcast show because of the scandal with their reporter Dimitur Vurbanov. Once the CCTV recordings documenting the scam emerged, he was fired. On Monday, he received the Golden Skunk prize of dishonour.

The story starts at a warehouse in Veliko Turnovo where expired foods are stored. Even though this problem was first reported in June, the foodstuffs are still kept there, as evidence in an already initiated criminal case, as explained by the Bulgarian Food Administration Agency. Towards present date, the prosecutors still haven’t updated information on the progress of their inquiry.

AT first, Dimitur Vurbanov and Masters of Broadcast claimed that guards at the warehouse had assaulted and battered the reporter. Subsequently, the CCTV cameras showed that Vurbanov staged his ordeal – he simply lied on the floor and called the police.

The case provoked strong reactions. From New York, the PM Boyko Borisov demanded that the perpetrators be “held strictly liable and bear the brunt”. At first they were put into custody and accused of inflicting minor bodily harm. Once the surveillance camera recordings were shown, they were set free and the prosecutors stated that they’re considering an accusation of the journalist instead.

Valery Simeonov explained that his Facebook comment was provoked by an interview given by the producer Judy Halvadjiyan, “in which he didn’t utter a single apology, not one word about his own guilt, but instead repeated the mantra of “service to the truth”. The Deputy PM posed seven questions.

He asked why wasn’t the cameraman fired, as well. He assumed that he was most probably a freelancer and shared his suspicions that the MoB producer company may be guilty of tax evasion and non-payment of social security and NHS contributions.


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