Vladislav Panev, the rich man and the leader of the Greens goes to exotic holidays, buys houses and apartments in the downtown Sofia

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He went on safari in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya

One of the richest representatives of the newly formed boutique coalition Democratic Bulgaria – the co-chairman of the Greens Vladislav Panev does not stop traveling in exotic destinations, writes PIK newspaper.

He also purchases houses and apartments in the center of Sofia around Maria Louisa boulevard and he is boasting himself about such acquisitions. Panev and Toma Belev, representatives of the Greens, have been attacked that they’ve allowed the awarding of new concessions to the oligarch Hristo Kovаchki.

The economist Iliyan Vasilev even accused them that the confidence in Greens is destroyed because they are protesting against certain concessions, but keep silence on others. Public gossips spread that exactly people from the Greens have made the ecological assessment of the new mines of Kovachki. It is interesting who of them has taken the money? The truth will come out soon.

Vladislav Panev himself is among the rich men among the Greens dealing with share trading. He has recently acquired a halfway house, meters away from the Ashurbanipal Restaurant in the area of the Women’s Market. According to him, the prices are still low and the neighborhood is becoming more cozy with all the various people who contribute to the wonderful atmosphere. His office is also located in this area of the center.

Vladislav Panev also owns an apartment in the area of Tsar Simeon Str.

“I am actively working to transform the region around Tsar Simeon Str. into a colorful ethnic neighborhood offering a unique and special atmosphere for Sofia. During the last year I have established contacts with several small businessmen in the area. And now I am the landlord of the Pakistani students Malik and Ali Raza after major repairs of the apartment bought in the same region last year. No rush and the dreams become a reality”, he says.

Panev was recently on a vacation in Pakistan. It’s interesting, what exactly has brought him there. His journeys with his wife Tanya during the last year include destinations like Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya. They went on safaris in these countries, which is an expensive luxury.

They even visited far-off exotic destinations such as Bali and East Timor. In Europe, they visited Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Russia etc. A rough calculation shows that they have spent over EUR 60,000 for travelling only for one year, calculated by the hospitality business. This represents the level of wealth of the Greens while the regular Bulgarians could not reach the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The business of Vladislav Panev is entwined in interesting schemes and friendships with the circle of Capital and the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. He owns the Sky Management Assets AD fund, which is a management company established in 2006 under the name Stana s Capital AD. In 2013, the name is changed. At present, the company manages the contractual funds Sky New Shares, Sky Finance and Sky Global ETFs.

Significant capital from the resources of the pension funds in Bulgaria have been invested in companies owned by Vladislav Panev and Ivo Prokopiev, a check of Trud newspaper has revealed.

According to the daily newspaper, over BGN 7.5 mln. have been invested in the Sky fund, managed by Panev. The funds have been directed from DSK Rodina fund, Doverie Pension Fund and Saglasie Pension Fund.

There is clear evidence that the first two are interconnected with the circles of companies owned by Ivo Prokopiev – publishing Dnevnik website and Capital newspaper, which publicly support the Green Party. Panev is a former official in Dnevnik newspaper and a close trustee to the businessman of Razgrad.

Prokopiev himself, through a subsidiary of his financial holding company AlfaFinance, continues to be a shareholder and at the same time manages about BGN 1 million from the resource of Doverie fund. The logical question that arises here is why Doverie fund has not released from the investments in related parties forbidden by law, who are at one and the same time shareholders and manage funds of the pension company?

The previous management of the Financial Supervision Commission, headed by Stoyan Mavrodiev, has stopped such investments of about BGN 100 million. and foreclosed the embezzling of the pension company. It seems more than peculiar that Doverie continues to hold investments in companies owned by Prokopiev despite the statutory provisions of the State and the explicit bans in the recently adopted regulations of the Social Insurance Code.

The funds of Vladivlav Panev are working with two banks – Postbank and UnicreditBulbank, whose chief executive officer is Levon Hampartsumyan is close to the circle of Capital and to Ivo Prokopiev. In Postbank, one of their circle is Asen Yagodin, who is a close to the most hated former Vice Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Dyankov.

Panev works with the following investment firms:

Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank); Benchmark Investment Firm; Carol Investment Firm; Capman Investment Firm, Swiss Capital AD – Romania; FIMA Vrjednosniced.o.o – Croatia, IntercapitalMarkets, UnicreditBulbank, ElanaTrader AD Investment Firm, InterCapital Securities Ltd. – Croatia; YapiKrediYatirimMenkulDeğerler A.Ş – Turkey, showcase on site.

And finally, Vladislav Panev pretends to be very tolerant and supportive to gays and lesbians but is also mocking the celebrity Jordano in YouTube, who is dealing with cryptocurrencies, and in particular with bitcoins. He is, however, a potential voter.

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