Ex Vice-premier Is Out of the Parliament

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Ex Vice-premier Is Out of the Parliament

Ex vice-premier Borislav Sandov has no chance to enter the Parliament in these elections. He’s been placed in the comfortable second position in 24th multi-member constituency (MMC) – right after the leader of DB Hristo Ivanov.

The ‘green’ coalition partner has been thrown out of the electable position by the fourth in the list Martin Dimitrov and the sixth one Kremena Kuneva, who have been preferably voted for by more electors. Dimitrov is even ahead of Hristo Ivanov but he cannot be moved as he is the list leader, i.e. he atutomatically gets the votes of all electors who have not shown preferences.

In these elections DB get 17.29% in 24 MMC which means that they will eventually get two or three representatives in the Parliament – depending on many other factors. However the fourth one – Sandov, does not have any chance at all.

There are also transfers at DB in the other Sofia MMCs. In the 23rd the third Bozhidar Bozhanov and the seventh Elisaveta Belobradova beat on preferences the leader Nadezhda Yordanova. However, she is to become a MP for sure. In 25th MMC Belobradova again rises from fourth to second place. And after her - again with preferences, Alexander Simidchiev ranks.

How many MPs from the party enter from these MMCs from DB we will be able to say for sure only after the announcement of the mandates by the CEC.